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Hwy 138 & Old Mill Rd Wandering the hills
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Diff: Rating 4/10
Scenic: Rating 10/10
Tech: Rating 4/10
Hwy 138 & Old Mill Rd
         Wandering the hills
Location: San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, Southern California
Region: Silverwood Lake Region
Wilderness: None
Total Distance: 5 Mi
Elevation Gain: 1,000 Ft
Season: Year-round
Type: Wandering

Hike added by
on 09/22/2001
Driving Directions
From I-15 exit at Hwy 138 & travel east. Pass Silverwood Lake, Pilot Rock Camp, & go a little ways up the winding road. The only paved road you will pass is Old Mill Rd on your left. Go past this a few hundred feet (on 138) and park at the first large turnout on the right side of the road.

From Hesperia, take Main St. east until it becomes Lake Arrowhead road. Continue on Lake Arrowhead road until it dead ends at Highway 173. Make a right onto the highway. Take Highway 173 until it dead ends at Highway 138, make a left here. Continue up the grade, pass the main entrance to Silverwood Lake and continue up the next grade passed the Pilot Rock turnoff. Continue on the winding road to the turnout on Hwy 138 just passed the Old Mill Road cutoff.
From the turnout, we hiked down the hill to two huge Ponderosa pines that I had been to a long time ago. From there we veered to the right a little, down this mini stream channel & then veered back over to the left and met up with 138 passed the turnout and just around a bend in the road. We ran across 138 and up the opposite road bank and went up that hill a little ways until I saw that there were Ponderosa Pine seeds all over the ground. We spent a while picking up some seeds and continued kind of to the left and then up this mini valley to a pseudo-mini-summit thing & then up and to the left more and then kind of just to the left along some old dirt roads and then kind of around and back down jumping around in the soft sandy dirt. Then we ran into Old Mill Rd where we found ourselves on the other side of a barb wire fence, which someone had already broken through in one part. So we crossed the road and went to the forest on the other side. In a short distance another fence started separating us from the road. Then we walked through this young, apparently planted forest of Sugar, Ponderosa, Coulter, & Knobcone Pine with some Giant Sequoias. The trees here are probably 20-30 forest years old. We kept on walking thru this forest, with some beautiful young Sugar pines, and unfortunately a bunch of trash too. Then we came to a bend in Old Mill Rd, crossed it and went to the left. We cut about 45 degrees leftward through the forest after crossing the road and somehow followed the exact route we took up the mountain a little while after we initially crossed 138 and ran up the bank. We ditched that path after following it a while and cut a little rightward to meet 138 right near the turnout where there was a pretty steep bank that we slid down. Crossed 138 and we were back at the truck. Then we went back down Hwy 138 and stopped at I think the 2nd large turnout (maybe it was the first) after Hwy 138 stops winding. We walked back up 138 over one bridge and then decended below the 2nd bridge to where there was a bunch of cool rocks and a little stagnant water. We walked up this canyon and then it bends to the right. We kept going after the bend and we wanted to cut up the right bank and go back to 138 that way but the poison oak was too thick so we just turned around and followed the creek back. Back on a ledge on the south side of the highway, we walked back to the first brige that we had passed earlier and decended below that to check it out. There is a small grate in the canyon with a water pipe that is maybe 8ft in diameter. We played in that for a while. The we got out and walked back along the highway. We looked down and saw a 2nd pipe under another part of the same bridge. Kept walking and drove off continuing down 138 to the turnout just passed Sawpit Canyon. We parked here and walked down to the larger (maybe 12ft diameter) pipe and ran around in that for a while. Then that was about it, but we got quite a few good Ponderosa Pine seeds and had fun playing with the winged seeds and knocking some seeds out of the cones.
See above.
Trail Condition
No trail, hence it's difficult to describe the exact path we took.
Forest Details
Awesome forest out here, mostly Ponderosa & Sugar Pine, Oak, Incense Cedar & Big Cone Douglass Fir. Saw some manzanita and poison oak down near the pipes.
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