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Hiking Mountain Biking Pine Trees Apr 12, 2024
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You are here: Home : Hiking Last Updated on 08/15/2001    
Diff: Rating 7/10
Scenic: Rating 9/10
Tech: Rating 3/10
Wright & Pine Mountains
         from Guffy Campground
Location: San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, Southern California
Region: Mount Baldy Region
Wilderness: Sheep Mountain Wilderness
Total Distance: 8 Mi
Elevation Gain: 3,000 Ft
Season: April-Nov
Type: Out & Back
Start Elev: 8,300 Ft
Peak Elev: 9,648 Ft
Total Time: 4 hr
Time In: 2 hr
Time Out: 2 hr

Peak List Peak List
Peak Name Elevation
Pine Mountain 9,648 Ft
Wright Mountain 8,505 Ft

Hike added by
on 08/15/2001
Driving Directions
From I-15 exit at Hwy 138 and head towards Wrightwood. Make a left on Hwy 2 go past the town of Wrightwood a few miles. Stay on Hwy 2 where the road splits in 4 directions and continue a little ways more. Pass a sign that says "Grassy Hollow Visitor Center 1 Mile" and go about 1/4 mile further. There is a large parking lot on the right. Opposite the parking lot is Inspiration Point and Blue Ridge Rd. Go to the left down Blue Ridge Road. Take this Rd 6 miles to a where the road forks. The right fork is blocked by a locked gate that will probably never be opened again because of the Mountain Yellow Legged Frog or something. Take the left fork to Guffy Campground and find a suitable parking spot.
Facing towards Guffy at the enterence to the campground, the trail (PCT) is at the far end of the campground on the left (North) side. Take this trail. It drops down a couple hundred feet at first and then joins up with a road. Take the road and continue in the same direction. A little ways down the road a signed trail takes off to the left that leads down to Wrightwood. A little ways further along the road there is an unsigned trail that leads up towards Wright Mtn. Take this trail, in a little ways of climbing the trial forks, take the left branch and continue climbing. When the climbing ceases, you will be near the top of the Heath Canyon Scar - an initiation point of many debris flows that have helped to form the Sheep Creek fan. The fan is a triangular-shaped formation largely composed of weathered pieces of the dark colored Pelona Schist. The fan extends all the way out to El Mirage Dry Lake. So anyways, peer over the edge of the scar and check it out. The turn around about 180 degrees and head towards the peak of Wright Mtn. There is a pile of rocks there with a register can. Continue along the Northern edge of Wright Mtn and you will soon be standing at the top of the much larger and steeper Sheep Canyon Scar. Take that in for a while. But while hiking around on Wright Mtn, don't forget to check out some dense thickets of White Fir. Now head in a Southerly direction and get back on the road that you were on before you peeled off on the trail up to Wright Mtn. You must now backtrack on the road the the West to the Pine Mtn trailhead. At the start of the trail there is a sign warning of fire danger and a few feet down the trail there is a more permanent sign saying "Sheep Mountain Wilderness." Continue down the trail and then start climbing to a the peak of a knob (8555ft) on the side of Pine Mtn. Drop down a few feet after that and then continue the steep climb once again. There are two short (~10-15ft) rocky sections that add the .5 to the * in the technical rating - nothing to worry about, just take it easy. Continue on up the trail to the summit of Pine Mtn. The register can is in the rock shelter at the top. Two notepads in the can. I'm in the first one 3 times and the second one 1 time.
Whell sh*t, we were going from Guffy to Wright to Pine to Dawson to Baldy to Harwood and back but d*mn it got hot out there. The news was warning of a heat advisory or something telling everyone to stay indoors on this day. Huh! They were probably right. There was no breeze, just stagnant hot air and by the time we were half way up Pine Mtn it was gettin' old. This was going to be like a quick half day hike & we made real good pace up to Wright. Maybe we just started relaxing too much up there (lots to look at) and really couldn't get moving very fast after that. It was really too hot to be out here though and it felt like hell. About 5/8 of the way up Pine Mtn we had decided just to go to Dawson Peak and turn around(to avoid the dreaded mid-day hike back up Dawson Peak). 7/8 of the way up Pine Mtn we decided just to go to Pine Mtn. Tried to puch over a dead tree on the a few hundred feet below the peak - didn't succeed. On the top of Pine Mtn, Dawson Peak looked very tempting after cooling off for 10 min. But the climb back up Pine Mtn did not seem like it would be much fun. So we spent nearly an hour on top of Pine Mtn, visited some ole friends (trees & rocks) and then headed on back. Saw that same dead tree again and pushed it over. Baked in the sun on the way back almost as bad as on the way up. I carried back an 8lb diamond-shaped hunk of Pelona Schist from near the top of Pine Mtn. It's a cool rock.
Trail Condition
I don't think this trail will ever change in condition. It is along the top of a ridge almost the whole way. It is used by very few people. It is the steepest trail that I know of & is in very poor condition is a few short sections. Overall, the trail is okay.
Forest Details
The forest is nice out here. On Wright Mtn there are some thick patches of White Fir and that's cool. Along the Pine Mtn Trail, mostly sweet-smellin' Jeffery pine, Lodgepole Pine higher up. There is a large Western Juniper just off the trail a few hundred feet below the peak. At the Peak of Pine Mtn there is mostly just scattered Lodgepoles. Chinkapin along lots of the trail. Throwing those spiky seed pods at each other gets painful after a while. Some cool sections of Jeffery Pine forest along the road heading back to Guffy.
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