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Hiking Mountain Biking Pine Trees Jul 7, 2022
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Diff: Rating 4/10
Scenic: Rating 8/10
Tech: Rating 4/10
Sawpit Canyon
         Rock-hopping in the dark
Location: San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, Southern California
Region: Silverwood Lake Region
Wilderness: None
Total Distance: 1 Mi
Season: Year-round
Type: Out & Back

Hike added by
on 07/15/2000
Driving Directions
From I-15, take Hwy 138 toward Silverwood Lake. Pass the main entrance to the lake. Continue around the bend and a few more miles up the grade to 2N59 (I think). This forest road is before you get to Burnt Mill Canyon if going up towards Crestline on 138. Drive up 2N59 a few hundred feet and park before the bridge.

From Hesperia, take Main St. east. Stay on Main street after it changes into Arrowhead Lake road. When Arrowhead Lake road ends at Highway 173, make a right onto the highway. Highway 173 will eventually reach Highway 138, make a left. Continue up the grade, pass the main lake entrance, and keep going another few miles up the next grade. 2N59 will be on your right.
Walk towards the creek where there is a huge sugar pine (Pinus lambertiana) with poison oak growing up into it. Then walk up the creek. Then rock-hop the creek until you've had your fill. Return the same way. We saw some sort of glowworm on this hike.
There was supposed to be a near full moon this night and there was, but it didn't do us any good because the trees at Sawpit Canyon are dense and didn't really let any light in. We rock-hopped up the creek in the dusk and got up maybe 3/4 mile or so and then it was getting too dark so we turned around (I mean there's 10-15ft cliffs out here and all kinds of stuff). On the way down, I ate it 3 times, the rocks were very slippery. Once I jumped about 5 feet onto what looked to be a pile of sand in the creek but it was really a slippery rock, that one hurt pretty bad. That was the 2nd fall, the first one, I just slipped and landed on my jaw an elbow and heard my jaw crack and that didn't feel so good, but this whole time, I couldn't stop laughing. It was just cool being out there in the dark. Once we got out of there, my jeans were all wet, we went to this big drainage pipe up the road which goes under hwy 138. The pipe is about 12ft in diameter. We ran up and down that and climbed on the debris railing a little then that was it.
Trail Condition
No Trail. Fun place to go rock-hopping if it is not dark. Heck, it was even fun in the dark, just a little painful.
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