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Desert Waterfall an oasis near Apple Valley, CA
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Diff: Rating 2/10
Scenic: Rating 7/10
Tech: Rating 2/10
Desert Waterfall
         an oasis near Apple Valley, CA
Location: High Desert, Mojave Desert, Southern California
Region: Ord Mountains, Near Hesperia & Apple Valley, California
Wilderness: None
Total Distance: 2 Mi
Season: Feb-April
Type: Out & Back
Total Time: 1.25 hr
Time In: 0.5 hr
Time Out: 0.75 hr

Hike added by
on 03/26/1995
Driving Directions
From I-15, take the Bear Valley Rd exit east 7.9 miles to Kiowa Rd. Make a right onto Kiowa Rd (South) and travel 3.5 miles to Roundup Way. Make a left (East) onto Roundup Way and travel 4.3 miles to to Bowen Ranch Rd. Make a right (South) onto Bowen Ranch Rd and travel 3.7 miles to a large sign on the left indicating Oak Springs Ranch at Oak Springs Ranch Rd. Park off the road near the sign or near the large boulders to your left (East).
From the Oak Springs Ranch sign, hike East passing the large boulders on your left (North). Do not follow Oak Springs Ranch Rd as it turns to the South and heads up a hill. Instead, hike on the road that goes down into the canyon. Go down this road on the side of the hill. When you reach the bottom of the canyon follow the main trail (road) south hugging the creek as you do so. Within a few hundred yards of following the creek upstream, you will come to a rocky crossing and a ~20ft waterfall.
The waterfall cascades off of a large boulder. Erosion from the waterfall has created a cavity behind the waterfall. This allows you to get behind the waterfall. The waterfall is a relaxing place to visit because heck, it's a waterfall in the desert!, and the hike in is very short for the reward that you get at the waterfall. Nice place to have a picnic and kick back. The trail continues up stream and the trip is worthwhile if the stream is flowing well. There are some scenic areas scattered about. The waterfall flows best in the early spring and may be dry or nearly dry in late summer.
Trail Condition
Excellent. It's a dirt road most of the way in.
Added on 08/31/2002 by TractorUp
Went back here sometime in August, 2002 or around that time. The waterfall was nothing more than a mere trickle down the rocks. Very hot this time of year.
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