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You are here: Home : Mountain Biking Last Updated on 03/16/2007    
Diff: Rating 5/10
Scenic: Rating 8/10
Tech: Rating 5/10
Deep Creek, Powerline Road
         awesome singletrack downhill
Location: High Desert, Mojave Desert, Southern California
Region: Hesperia Region
Total Distance: 15 Mi
Season: Sept-April
Type: Loop
Total Time: 1.8 hr

Ride added by
on 03/15/2007
Driving Directions
From I-15 head east on Main st Hesperia to Rock Springs road, make a left. Go to the first stoplight, Deep Creek Road, make a right. Drive past the big bend in the road, keep going through a little windy stretch of road to the powerlines, make a left into dirt parking area. Park here.
Ride up Powerline Road, it's about 3.1 miles to the top area where there is a flat section.
Go up powerline, went left at the first fork toward the towers high point and took a nice singletrack to the right before reaching the top, singletrack eventually crosses another road and hooks left ***, a short rocky stretch and then heads way down into a canyon to I don't know where but that trail up canyon looked good. We walked back up to powerline road, rode a bit, then it heads left toward Juniper Flats, we wanted to go right, so we cut up this hill off trail and ended up walking down this hill mabye 250 feet tall back to *** (see above). Took a left on the immediate road and eventually came upon a barely visible gully trail just of the right, may have been another road just to the left of the road we were on perhaps making it left of the current road not right (but it was a right turn off whatever piece we were on). That trail goes by a trail to the left with tons of closed area signs all over it. The singletrack continues back to 3380 (same name as lower powerline road), make a right, head down up, down up, then there is the parking for Deep Creek Hot Springs off 3380 (the free parking outside of Bowen Ranch). The trails to the left will take you down to Deep Creek Hot Springs and that is a fun ride... a little technical with some exposure in places. If you go this way, note that further down in a sort of hogback ridge area the trail goes both straight on the ridge and drops to the right and hugs the wall, stay right, cause going straight gets real steep quick. Anyways, back to this ride, from the Deep Creek Hot Springs parking area, stay west on 3380, make a left turn onto 3380 at one intersection, and 3380 will take you back out. On the way out, note the cattle pen on the left of the trail. If you take the left turn here, go a little ways there is a singletrack on the left that eventually hooks up with the same one that we rode today at the place where all the trail closed signs are. Staying on 3380, you will go down and then up a hill, then down to a flat area with a metal post wire fence on the left. There is a trail starting in this flat area to the left, take this trail, stay on the singletrack, it is a little technical in a few places and will eventually dump out about 1/3 of the way down powerline road (3380). Here, make a right on powerline, go a few hundred yards to middle of the canyon and a steep very sandy trail drops off to the left. Take this trail which is very steep and sandy and sloppy at the top, but it mellows out shortly, passes by a dumped car and is a fast, very fun trail with perfect corners, eventually it starts to flatten out and there is a trail that forks off to the left, may be easy to miss if you're not looking for it. Take this trail which goes back to powerline road, cross powerline road on the trail and it goes a little more and back to powerline road. Now it's 40mph down the remainder of powerline road 3380 back to Deep Creek Road. Great ride, very confusing area, no map will tell you where to go.
Trail Condition
It was pretty good today, but can vary widely. If powerline is recently graded it is bad for riding.
Notes about this ride report
This is a must do ride for a serious mountain biker in the high desert. The downhills are really nice.

On a side note...... This will probably be my last ride post to this website. After 26 years in Hesperia, I am moving to Colorado in March 2007. Hesperia is a beautiful place with great desert and mountains, great riding and great adventure, good friends and good times but not the place it once was and no longer the place for me. It has gotton too crowded, the air is too polluted, most of the newcomers lack respect for the desert and the way things are here and the politicians only care about the next buck. Developers are tearing further into the desert destroying (clear cutting) some of the nicest parts of Hesperia in the old growth juniper areas. What took hundreds of years to grow is destroyed in a day... acres and acres of land. They take a few Joshua trees, replant them and replant them again as ornaments for their housing communities, most of them die anyway.... but somehow they are doing everyone a favor and the city gives them rewards...... the old growth junipers, they just get shredded. Earth movers, construction fill, a whole lot of concrete, a few more dollars to the politicians, and that population sign goes up a few more only to be covered in grafitti a few days later... a few more careless, unfriendly city folk with bad attitudes, yuppie ways, starbucks in the left hand and a cell phone in the right... and maybe they even speak english..... these are the people we want to bring in here.... these are the people that this beautiful desert is being tore up for..... not on my watch anymore.

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