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You are here: Home : Mountain Biking Last Updated on 10/10/2005    
Diff: Rating 7/10
Scenic: Rating 8/10
Tech: Rating 3/10
Hesperia to Big Bear Lake
         Fall Classic Race
Location: San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, Southern California
Region: Big Bear/Fawnskin Region
Total Distance: 76.3 Mi
Elevation Gain: 6,000 Ft
Season: April-Nov
Type: Out & Back
Start Elev: 2,900 Ft
Peak Elev: 7,190 Ft
Total Time: 6.62 hr
Time In: 3.9 hr
Time Out: 2.72 hr

Ride added by
on 10/09/2005
Driving Directions
Start at Hesperia Lakes in Hesperia, CA
See directions for this ride to Big Bear and follow same route.
Started at 9:50 am. Perfect day. I felt like crap all day, almost turned around within the first few miles, I had nothing. Even though it was perfect temp day, the climb up the lower steep portion of Oak Springs Ranch Rd was very hot. Not much wind all day, just a little here and there. Light headwind on the way back. Turned out hunting season was on, bunch of fat, drunk idiots shooting rifles all over and driving around drunk. They crowded up Little Pine Flat and Big Pine Flat. One of them shot a deer and hung it up in a tree at Little Pine Flat. Some rangers and cops showed up at about 4pm. Got to Snow Summit in Big Bear just after 2pm and left at 3pm. Back home about 5:45pm.
Notes about this ride report
Computer Readings:
Arrive Snow Summit: 2:05pm
Leave Snow Summit: 3:00pm
Distance: 76.26 miles
Ride Time: 6:37:09 hours (includes walking across Mojave River)
Average Speed: 11.59 mph
Max Speed: 35.5 mph
Odometer: 9468 miles
Total distance on new computer: 1074.77 miles
Total time on new computer: 93:22 hours

At Big Pine Flat on the way up:
Distance: just over 24 miles
Ride time: 2:52 hours
Average Speed: 8.48 mph

At Snow Summit:
Distance: 38.37 miles
Ride Time: 3:54 hours
Average Speed: 9.88 mph

Started with 100 oz Camelbak HAWG and 1 bottle on the bike. Filled up at Hanna Flat Campground on the way up. Ate 2 powerbars, a granola bar, and some peanut butter pretzels, a sodium pill, and a potassium pill during the ride. Did not ride at all the 2 days before this ride.

It takes about the same time, 1 hour in this case, each way from Big Pine Flat to Snow Summit and Snow Summit to Big Pine Flat. It's just over a 14 mile ride each way. There is about 1580 feet of climbing from Big Pine Flat to Snow Summit and 1420 feet in the reverse direction. Just over half of the miles are paved.

Did not use little ring.
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