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Diff: Rating 8/10
Scenic: Rating 8/10
Tech: Rating 3/10
Hesperia to Big Bear Lake
         Snow Summit, Am Cup #4, 2005
Location: San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, Southern California
Region: Big Bear/Fawnskin Region
Total Distance: 78 Mi
Elevation Gain: 8,000 Ft
Season: April-Nov
Type: Out & Back
Start Elev: 2,950 Ft
Peak Elev: 7,200 Ft
Total Time: 6.67 hr
Time In: 3.83 hr
Time Out: 2.84 hr

Ride added by
on 09/25/2005
Driving Directions
Start at Hesperia Lakes.
Walk across the Mojave River to Deep Creek Rd. Ride the east-west portion of Deep Creek Rd east and continue east up the dirt road when the paved road turns to the north. Climb the short steep hill and take the first left on the gas line road. Take the gas line road acros Kiowa to the intersection with the powerline road and make a right. Go over about 3 or 4 dirt/asphalt roads to Sagebrush St. with a bunch of potholes and make a left. Go 1 block to Roundup way and make a right. Ride Roundup east. It turns into a dirt road, continue to the last intersection before it narrows and drops steeply. This is Bowen Ranch Rd, make a right. Careful on Roundup dirt sections, no stop signs at intersections and most drivers going any direction don't look. Take Bowen Ranch Rd to the intersection with Oak Springs Ranch Rd where there is a big sign on the left and make a left. Now the climb is a steeper for the next few miles. Stay on Oak Springs Ranch road which becomes 3N14 when the after the ranch area is passed which is about 3 miles up the road. Stay on 3N14 all the way to Fawnskin. There is one main intersection along this road with a road that goes straight when 3N14 turns to the right. This used to be confusing, but now they've put up some signs, Big Pine Flat & Fawnskin, go to the right. After a short time, the road descends to Coxey Meadow and then up to Little Pine Flat, no water, then a few more miles and Big Pine Flat is reached. There's water/restrooms here but only during camping season is there water. I think I saw a sign saying it's closed from end of season to May 14. Continue straight on 3N14 to Hanna Flat Campground and then down to Fawnskin. Make a left onto Hwy 38 and ride along the lake to the Stanfield Cutoff. Make a right here, cross the lake, then make a right onto Hwy 18 on the other side of the lake. Ride to Summit Blvd and make a left to Snow Summit. Return the same way.
Perfect day for this long ride, temp was just right and it just rained last Tuesday so the ground conditions were ideal because the rain helps to compact the sand. Usually the lower part of Oak Springs Ranch Rd is a tough climb in steep, slippery, sandy stuff, but today it was a nice easy climb with no traction problems. There was water out there in some of the valley bottoms and even a flowing stream, not much but a strange sight at this time of year.
Notes about this ride report
Computer Readings:
Start: 6:15am
At Big Pine Flat: 9:20am to 9:35am
Got water at Hanna Flat
At Snow Summit: 10:40am
Leave Snow Summit: 2:15pm
At Big Pine Flat: 3:55 to 4:05pm, got water
Home at 5:40pm
Distance: 78.16 miles
Ride Time: 6:41:05 (includes walk both ways across Mojave River)
Average Speed: 11.80 mph
Max Speed: 38.5 mph
Odometer: 9255 miles
Total time on computer: 76:36 hours
Total distance on computer: 843.80 miles
Stop watch time (includes time at Snow Summit): 11:30 hours
Avg HR: 138
Max HR: 179
Kcal: 12817 (way off)

Rode Beginner Loop at Snow Summit and rode around a little, total about 14 miles and 2400 feet gain, don't have this on computer.

Got home, had a glass of milk and a quick slice of pizza, and went out and road around about another 12 miles.

Total mileage for day: 104 miles
Total Climbing for day: 10,400 feet
Total Ride time for day: 8.5 to 9 hours
Total Paved Miles: 19.3 miles on ride to Snow Summit and back, 30.32 miles total of the 104 mile total.

Big Pine Flat readings @ 9:20AM on the way up
Distance: 24.09 miles
Ride Time: 2:51:00
Avg Speed: 8.51 mph
Max Speed: 32.8 mph
Avg HR: 151
Max HR: 173
Climbing: 4800 feet
Descending: 1060 feet

Snow Summit Readings @ 10:40am
Distance: 37.93 miles
Ride Time: 3:51:00
Avg Speed: 9.90 mph
Max Speed: 33.9 mph
Avg HR: 151
Max HR: 179
Climbing: 5910 feet
Descending: 2090 feet

Big Pine Flat readings @ 4PM on the way back
Distance: 54.04 miles
Ride Time: 5:11:00
Avg Speed: 10.5 mph

End of ride to Snow Summit Readings @ 5:40PM at Home
Distance: 78.16 miles
Ride Time: 6:41:00
Avg Speed: 11.80 mph
Max Speed: 38.5 mph
Avg HR: 138
Max HR: 179
Climbing/Descending: 8000 feet
Descending: 2090 feet

End of ride readings @ 7:10PM (Not including riding at Snow Summit, after 104 miles)
Distance: 90.21 miles
Ride Time: 7:33:07
Avg Speed: 12.05 mph
Max Speed: 38.5 mph
Climbing/Descending: 8400 feet
Odometer: 9267 miles
855.85 miles on computer
77:28 hours on computer

Carried only 4 liters on back in new HAWG and 1 bottle on the bike and it was pleanty with filling up at the campgrounds and harldy needed that. Lubed chain about 4 times during ride. Ate 2 powerbars, 2 gu packs, about 4 granola bars, handful of peanuts, 2 handfuls of peanut butter pretzels, and gatorade. Drank maybe 6-7 liters throughout the 104 miles. Felt good all day. Legs were still strong at end, but felt tired overall. Bike running good, no problems, had to tighten headset up at Snow Summit. Had leg warmers and long shirt in pack but didn't nearly need it.

I made a wrong turn coming back near Butler Peak. Must have been delirious because I saw the turn, knew it wasn't the way I wanted to go and mindlessly took it any way. In total it added 2.5 miles on and about 400 feet of elevation gain. When I got back out and realized where I had turned, I had no recollection of making the turn there. It was pretty weird. I remembered seeing the turn, realizing I didn't want to turn there and remembered riding past the turn, which clearly is not what happened. I realized I was on the wrong road when I came to an intersection of two roads, both not 3N14, I think one was 2N13 and one 2N70 on the way to Butler Peak.

Did not use little ring.
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