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Diff: Rating 7/10
Scenic: Rating 7/10
Tech: Rating 5/10
Pilot Rock from Hesperia, Hwy 138
         2 big storms and still no mud
Location: San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, Southern California
Region: Silverwood Lake Region
Total Distance: 39 Mi
Elevation Gain: 5,000 Ft
Season: Year-round
Type: Loop
Start Elev: 2,920 Ft
Peak Elev: 5,260 Ft
Total Time: 3.92 hr

Ride added by
on 10/31/2004
Driving Directions
Take I-15 to the Hwy 138 exit below the Cajon pass. Take Hwy 138 EAST toward Silverwood Lake. Continue on 138 a few miles after the road straightens out. Make a left onto Hwy 173 toward Hesperia. Take 173 to the only major left turn at Arrowhead Lake Rd. (If you stay on 173 until it becomes dirt and starts winding up the mountain, turn around, go back a mile and make a right onto Arrowhead Lake Rd.) Take Arrowhead Lake Rd about 4-5 miles to Hesperia Lakes on your right. Park in the main lot by the store. This is probably the better way to go if you're coming from I-15 North.
From Hesperia ride to Ranchero Rd x Danbury Ave. Ride out towards the desert. At the end of the pavement (new) make a right and go a couple hundred feet to a trail on your left. Follow this trail about .8 mile to Las Flores Rd. This road is not marked. It's one of the main trails out there and has the biggest cuts into the hillsides. Ride this road to Hwy 173 jumping a locked gate at the aqueduct. At Hwy 173, make a right and go about 1 mile or so to Hwy 138. Make a left here and follow the highway on the wide shoulder up and around Silverwood Lake to Pilot Rock Rd turnoff. Make a left here and make a quick right onto 2N37. Continue straight on 2N37 for maybe 1/2 mile to 2N36 signed "To Pilot Rock". Continue up this somewhat steep grade to 2N33 at the ridge top. Make a right and follow the main trail a few miles to the big rock on top of the last main hill. This is Pilot Rock. Ride/walk the trail up to the rock and down the steeper, rutted, trail on the north side of the rock. After the rock, continue on 2N33 to Hwy 173 and make a left. Continue down Hwy 173. The pavement ends at a tree disposal operation off the Hwy. Continue down the Hwy to where it becomes repaved and levels out. Ride about 1 mile to Arrowhead Lake road and make a right. Continue on Arrowhead Lake rd across the Mojave River and up a hill. Ride down the other side of the hill and keep going a few more miles to Hesperia Lakes on your right. Then go home.
Went out chasing mud again. I worked real hard to get the few splatters of mud on me that I did, mostly I just got my legs wet. There was just a few more puddles than last weekend after we had a 2nd big storm earlier this week. Kind of disappointing. I guess there needs to be snow to make that road a mess like it was a few years back when I was out there. Riding seemed slow today, there was no helpful winds.

Las Flores Rd was pretty saturated. After crossing the aqueduct, most of the rest of the way to Hwy 173, it felt like I was pedaling a flat, but I was just sinking in.

2N36 was all rideable today, rain does wonders. Usually the surface is too loose to get much uphill traction without exerting tons of energy. Today, all rideable, that was nice. Nice and cool all day.

The Cleghorn Rd exit on Hwy 138 is closed on both sides because the "road" is a river right now. There's water flowing pretty good in most of the canyons along Hwy 138. Ain't this rain great!
Trail Condition
Most of the roads were at least damp, Las Flores road turns into a small stream at one point. Pilot Rock Road, 2N33 had places where the surface was dry, a puddle here and there, but for all that rain, I expected more.
Notes about this ride report
Computer Readings:
Distance: 39.03 miles
Odometer: 6051.0 miles
Max Speed: 34.5 mph
Ride Time: 3:55:12 hours
Average Speed: 9.9 mph
Distance on new computer: 944.49 miles

Start Time: 10:20pm
End Time: 2:25pm

Used a wax lube, noisy ride back down. Hunters roaming the hills, guns going off left and right. Lot of ATVs and dirt bikes out today. Few groups of people car camping in the desert, just past the end of Danbury Ave.

The pictures below aren't from the ride. The dry ones are from 10/23/04 and the wet ones are from 10/29/04. I went down to the Mojave River on 10/22/04 after the first storm came through. It was a raging river, 3ft deep in places and 100-500 feet wide. I was going to go back early the next morning to take some pictures but the lighting was bad, so I waited until that evening, went back and it was totally dry (where I was anyway). The next storm came through and I saw it was flowing good again on the 28th, so I went down there on the 29th and there was some water left, near Hesperia Lakes. The surface water ended just maybe a mile north of Hesperia Lakes. Today, 10/31, the surface water ended maybe a mile north of the spillway. The Mojave is still flowing pretty good under Arrowhead Lake Rd just north of Hwy 173. Deep Creek isn't very full. More than it was this summer, dry, but not nearly like it used to be, 10-20 years ago.

I've got full size (2560 x 1920 pixels) digital pictures of each of these and about 70 more that aren't here if you want to inflate my wallet. Use the contact form.
Added on 06/19/2005 by TractorUp
Same as last time, a bunch of jerks on wheels. Go back to the city or learn some manners. Last time the whole route was rideable. Today it was so sandy from overuse by OHV that a lot of sections are unrideable.

My Camelbak got a hole in it so I spent a few hours soaked in gatorade from my shoulders to the bottom of my shorts, dehydrated, sticky, and ant-bitten. This trail has become far too overcrowded, thick with jerks with gasoline. Mostly the teenagers and 20 year olds that ride like jerks, the old guys will usually slow down.

Computer readings:
Ride time: 3:59:52 hours
Distance: 40.02 miles
Average: 10.0 MPH
ODO: 7762.0 miles
Max: 41.0 MPH Arrowhead Lake Rd near dam
Distance 2: 241.05 miles
Put on some new tires at about 7700 miles.
Added on 05/07/2005 by TractorUp
What happened to respect and common decency? Just got back from doing this ride today. Seems nobody gives a damn about much of anything anymore and I'm fed up with it. How hard is it to slow down a little bit? How hard is it to take a few extra seconds out of your day to safetly pass? How hard is it to not put the pedal to the floor right after you pass out on the trail? How hard is it to give just a little bit of a damn about the safety and well being of those around you? How hard is it? Today I ran into 6 people who showed me respect and decency and probably 60 who showed me an utter lack of regard and concern. The sad part is this difference in numbers is growing fast with every year that I'm out on the trail. Be a little decent, it would help us all out. That population sign is reading about 80,000 now and of those there's probably only a couple thousand decent folks left in this town. It's a sad deal. I won't even mention the bad air, the not so blue sky's, and the abundance of concrete where junipers and joshua trees used to be. This town has been ruined by the people.

Enough bitching, back to the ride, it was a perfect day out there. The desert is still a little wet and the trails above Silverwood Lake had some puddles, muddy spots and the what not. Lot of water out there still in the streams off Hwy 138 and some good flows still on the concrete crossings out on the trails, lots of green. It's a scenic year to be out there. Saw some fresh MTB tracks in the aqueduct region. Ran into two guys riding up the grade of 2N37. Feet got wet but what a nice day! Rode the aqueduct to Las Flores Rd and took it down. Las Flores Rd (trail) is probably in the worst shape I've seen it in the last few years. Rocky, rutted, loose, not fast.

Distance: 40.03 Miles
Average Speed: 11.9 MPH
Max Speed: 41.0 MPH (Arrowhead Lake Rd on the dam hill)
Ride Time: 3 hours 22 minutes 12 seconds
Odometer: 7203.3 Miles
Distance on new computer: 2096.8 Miles (Now reads 682.78 Miles)
Start time: 10:30AM
End time: 2:00 PM
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