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You are here: Home : Mountain Biking Last Updated on 08/17/2004    
Diff: Rating 5/10
Scenic: Rating 5/10
Tech: Rating 4/10
Hesperia to Silverwood Lake
         to the dam via Las Flores Road
Location: High Desert, Mojave Desert, Southern California
Region: Silverwood Lake Region
Total Distance: 26 Mi
Elevation Gain: 1,400 Ft
Season: Sept-April
Type: Out & Back
Start Elev: 3,100 Ft
Peak Elev: 3,650 Ft
Total Time: 2.5 hr
Time In: 1.25 hr
Time Out: 1.25 hr

Ride added by
on 08/15/2004
Driving Directions
Start from Hesperia Lakes in the southeast end of Hesperia, CA. Take I-15 to Main St., go east about 8 miles to Hesperia Lakes on your left.
Ride west on Ranchero Rd to Danbury Ave. Make a left and ride to the end of the paved road. Make a right and then a left on the first trail. Take this trail about 0.8 mile to where it begins descending and drops you onto Las Flores Rd. Follow this road about 5 miles through the desert to Hwy 173. Make a left and ride about 1.5 miles to the road up to the dam. Make a right and ride to the dam. Return the same way, or near the top of the dam is Pilot Rock road that you can take up to the ridge south of Silverwood lake. Once there you can drop down the other side to Hwy 138 and ride back around the lake on the wide shoulder to Hwy 173, make a right about a mile to Las Flores Rd.
I don't get Las Flores Rd. You ride on it all the way to Hwy 173 without a hint that it is private property or no trespassing. When you get to Hwy 173 is a locked gate with signs on the other side saying it's all private property... you would never know it if you never looked at the other side of the gate. The road is shown on the USGS 7.5' Silverwood Lake Quad.

The gate on top of the dam is locked and signs posted walk in only, no bicycles... I couldn't belive it... last time I was out here I road across the dam.
Trail Condition
Las Flores road is a little run down. Once you reach the high point on the way to Silverwood lake, the descent is nice, but there are some sandy portions, and rocky wash areas. It's pretty crappy riding most of the way back up, some parts are too steep/sandy to get much traction trying to climb.
Forest Details
It's all old juniper desert out here. Some is burnt from the fires of 2003.
Notes about this ride report
The mileage includes a short trip I took up Pilot Rock road from the dam. I was going to ride around the lake and back on Hwy 138 but only had about an hour of daylight left so I turned around.

Computer readings:
Distance: 26.02 miles
Odometer: 5229.0 miles
Max 31.0 mph
Time 2:33:44 hours
Average: 10.1 mph
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