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Hiking Mountain Biking Pine Trees Jul 7, 2022
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You are here: Home : Mountain Biking Last Updated on 01/31/2003    
Diff: Rating 5/10
Scenic: Rating 7/10
Tech: Rating 2/10
Butler Peak
         fire lookout tower
Location: San Bernardino Mountains, San Bernardino National Forest, Southern California
Region: Big Bear/Fawnskin Region
Total Distance: 9 Mi
Elevation Gain: 1,400 Ft
Season: April-Nov
Type: Out & Back
Start Elev: 7,179 Ft
Peak Elev: 8,535 Ft

Peak List Peak List
Peak Name Elevation
Butler Peak 8,535 Ft

Ride added by
on 01/31/2003
Driving Directions
From I-15, take Hwy 18 east to Hwy 38 and continue to Fawnskin. The speed limit will eventually slow to 25 mph. After this, be looking for the large Fawn Lodge on your right. Turn just after you pass the Fawn Lodge and follow the signs to Butler Peak / Big Pine Flat. After maybe two miles or so, the main road turns off to Big Pine Flat, stay on the other road to Butler Peak on the left. This intersection has a large forest sign. Park near here with a National Forerst Adventure Pass. On this day, the road was closed beyond this point. This road is 2N13, get out and start riding up towards Butler peak.
Ride up 2N13 for about 2-3 miles and you will come to an intersection - the only remaining intersection along the way - with 2N13C. Take the left onto 2N13C, instead of going straight. In about 2 more miles you will be at Butler peak. Put your bike down and hike to the fire lookout tower.
The road was pretty well snowed over after about 2 miles of riding, so the last 2 miles we had to hike up. The lookout tower was all shut down adn locked up, the windows covered with steel. Riding down on the snow was great. Hard to control because of tire ruts in the snow. A muddy mess by the time we got back to the truck. Lot of fun. The date listed above is a guess from about a month after.
Trail Condition
Snow, lots of mud, water, ice, puddles. One jeep was out driving the road.
Forest Details
Nice forest all the way to the peak. A few portions are a little exposed.
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