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Noisy chain

Article added by TractorUp on 04/16/2003
Full Article Title: Noisy chain
A noisy chain on a mountain bike can be caused from various reasons. Different noises indicate different problems.

If the chain sounds like it does during a rough shift, it indicates that your front or rear derailleur needs a slight adjustment. In this case, the chain is not well centered on the chainring (at the pedals) or the cassette (at the rear hub). Adjusting either the front or rear derailleur will fix the noisy chain.

Most commonly, a noisy chain is caused by a lack of lubricant on the chain. If a chain is really dry, the noise can become loud, squeaky, and grindy. To solve this noisy chain problem, lube the chain with any of the commercially available bike lube products and the noise should improve significantly if not disappear altogether. If after you lube the chain, it still makes noise and is in good shape, put some lube on the cassette and then wipe the excess off. Be careful not to use an excessive amount of lube on a bike chain, especially on a bike that is ridden off road. This will clog your chain with dirt faster than you can blink and shorten your chain's life significantly. If you feel you put too much lube on, wipe all that you can off with an old rag and the residue that remains on the chain should be pleanty.
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