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Squeaky brakes

Article added by TractorUp on 04/16/2003
Full Article Title: Squeaky brakes
Squeaky brakes on a mountain bike can be caused by a few reasons. Most commonly, squeaky brakes indicates that the brake pads are poorly adjusted. If you are sure that the brake pads are properly adjusted, the likely cause of the squeaking is that the brake pads are old and hardened. For this, the brake pads should be replaced.

Chances are, if your mountain bike brakes are squeaking, they need to be readjusted. A properly adjusted brake pad will contact the rim completely when a moderate amount of pressure is applied to the brake lever. When adjusting mountian bike brake pads, be sure to toe them in slightly as this will increase stopping power and help alleviate the sqeaking problem.

How to toe in a mountain bike brake pad:
When adjusting the brake pads, assure that the front edge (the edge that's toward the front of the bike rather than the rear) of the pad contacts the rim just before the rear edge contacts the rim. This can be fairly easily achieved by placing something like a folded-over paper towel at the rear edge of the brake pad, adjusting the barrel nut adjuster at the brake lever out to bring the brake pads tight against the rim and then tightening the brake pad snug. Then back off the brake pad with the barrel nut adjuster. The paper towel will fall out, having done it's job to help you toe in the brakes.
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