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Noise, Creaking From Bottom Bracket Area...

Article added by TractorUp on 04/16/2003
Full Article Title: Noise, Creaking From Bottom Bracket Area While Pedaling
First things first, check that your bottom bracket is correctly in place. Sometimes it can work itself loose and cause quite a bit of noise. If it appears okay, pull the cranks with a crank puller tool. Now, there are two main problems that cause a creaking sound in the bottom bracket area. First, remove chainring nuts and regrease. A chainring nut wrench may come in handy for this. Without grease, chainring nuts can cause quite a bit of noise. Second, remove the bottom bracket with a bottom bracket tool. Regrease the bottom bracket threads and the removeable ring threads and apply Loctite 242 to the first few threads on both the bottom bracket and the removeable ring. Also apply Loctite inside the removeable ring where it will contact the bottom bracket & reinstall everything. Hopefully things are quiet now. If not, you may have a more serious problem than maintenance. Check your frame for cracks and speculate on whether you might need a new bottom bracket.
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