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Crown Race, Lower, Removing

Article added by TractorUp on 02/13/2003
Full Article Title: Crown Race, Lower, Removing
There is not enough gap between fork crown and race to even get a small instrument in, so I took my pocket knife and tapped it in the gap lightly with a hammer. This created a little gap on one side and the I did the other side. Now I have a small gap to work with but race is still stuck good. So then I got another pocket knife and clamped fork in benchtop and pulled up from both sides with both knives and after a while of pulling and prying there was a little more of a gap. Then I really couldn't move it any further so I got two long handled screwdrivers and pryed it up using the preload adjusters as a fulcrum (& the plastic didn't break) & then it finally popped off undamaged.
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