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Coulter Pine Growing Tips 'n Tricks

Article added by TractorUp on 03/03/2003
Full Article Title: Coulter Pine Growing Tips 'n Tricks
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The ideal Coulter Pine soil:
Fairly sandy on top with a firmer but fertile subsurface and always extremely well-drained, the kind where you can constantly add water to and it will never form a puddle; i.e. the opposite of clay in the way just described

If Coulter Pine needles turn light green but it gets pleanty of water:
The ground likely does not drain well enough. Airate the ground with pronged fork tool thing and insert Amend and some sand and try to replace ground over time, do not rake up fallen pine needles and water the fallen needles to help them decompose which will help ground greatly over time.

If Coulter Pine needles all start turning brown:
Very young and small, the tree will likely not recover; 8 inches tall or more and planted in well drained, well watered ground (not in a pot), the tree will likely recover. Brown needles may reappear year after year, lessening with age.

Cure for brown Coulter Pine needles:
I think it's a nutrient problem. Gave one some 16-16-16 and advancement of browning needles stopped well before the degree to which it had occurred the year before.

Avoidance of brown Coulter Pine needles:
Keep well watered and well drained, do not place in direct sunlight, but rather filtered sunlight (i.e. under a larger non-dense tree). The advantage of not having "too much sun" is the young tree will be stronger (less susceptible to such ailments). The disadvantage is that it will grow slower, possibly much slower. I'd take my chances and take full sun.

Where not to plant a Coulter Pine:
Next to any kind of wall or in clay without soil replacement. If you must plant Coulter Pine in clay, dig hole 3ft diameter and 3ft deep or bigger and completely replace soil with sand (not beach sand, mountain sand), Amend, dirt, potting soil, in equal parts or something like 40% sand and 20% of each of the rest, and drip water just to where a standing puddle forms; this indicates that ground is saturated up to clay subsurface. Standing water around Coulter Pine is okay for a few minutes but not okay for a long time. Do not place any sort of decorative brick around young Coulter Pine
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