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DesertMud - Hiking, Mountain Biking, Pine Trees, Southern California
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About DesertMud
         The Portal for Outdoor Adventure in Southern California
DesertMud is your source for hiking routes and mountain bike trails in Southern California.

About DesertMud
DesertMud is your source for hiking routes and mountain biking trails in Southern California. At DesertMud, you can find information created by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts. You can personally contribute to the growing wealth of information by becoming a member, or just use the information in planning an outdoor adventure.

Why DesertMud?
Books and websites can provide a wealth of information about outdoor activities. But in most cases, the content is limited by the author and publication date. This is the reason DesertMud was created - to allow multiple authors to continually submit updated information about outdoor activities and areas in Southern California. DesertMud is a website that has been created by internet surfers like you. This website is open to the internet community for updating of the information contained. This allows the website to be as up-to-date as possible. Without member contribution, a website will remain stagnant until the author decides to update. This is the DesertMud difference. DesertMud needs outdoor enthusiasts in Southern California to help keep the information up-to-date. With a growing community of members, DesertMud is on it's way to becoming the number one source for up-to-date information on outdoor adventure in Southern California.

Make Your Knowledge Available
You can contribute to the growing wealth of information at DesertMud. It is easy for you to contribute accurate information to this website, and you will receive great satisfaction from your contribution knowing that it will be available to and appreciated by the internet community of outdoor enthusiasts. Open the doors of knowledge by becoming a member of DesertMud today!

Becoming a member is simple and free. Membership requires that you fill out a small form with information that will identify you as a member.

How You Can Support DesertMud
The primary way to support DesertMud is to add your outdoor knowledge of Southern California to the DesertMud website. Your addition will help bring more internet traffic that will in turn add additinal information to our knowledge base. This continual refresh of information will help make this website more useful for everyone who visits.

Another way to support DesertMud is to provide a link from your website to DesertMud. Alternatively you can use one of our banners to link your site to DesertMud.

Why the Advertisements?
One reason: to cover the operational costs of this website. Running a website such as this is not free. There are fees for hosting, bandwidth, and maintenance that must be paid to keep the website operational and in existence. By visitors of DesertMud shopping at our sponsers websites, we can pay these bills and keep this website running.

History of DesertMud
DesertMud began in 1997 with the idea of becoming a knowledge base for hiking, mountain biking, and pine tree growing in Southern California. This website began with the ability for internet surfers to add their information. However, this feature had to be removed because of spammers submitting nonsense information and degrading the DesertMud website for all it's visitors. In 2003, we have finally reopened the ability of internet surfers to add information directly through the website. We have spent a lot of time implementing security measures to ensure that only content of top quality appears on the website.

The Website
This website is based in Hesperia, CA. It is best viewed on the latest version of the major internet browsers at a display size of at least 800 x 600 pixels.

Future Additions
Do you have ideas that could make this website better? Please suggest an addition through our contact form.

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